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Classic Shoyu Ramen

The heart of shoyu ramen is its clear, soy sauce-based broth. It's typically made by simmering chicken or pork bones, along with vegetables, aromatics like garlic and ginger, and sometimes dried seafood like bonito flakes or kombu (kelp). The soy sauce gives the broth its signature deep brown color and adds a salty, savory umami flavor.

Shoyu ramen features long, thin, and slightly curly wheat noodles. These noodles are typically cooked al dente and are an essential element of the dish. They are designed to soak up the rich broth and provide a satisfying chewy texture. A sprinkle of sesame seeds or finely chopped nori may be used as a final garnish to enhance the presentation and flavor of the dish.

In addition to the soy sauce-infused broth, shoyu ramen can be seasoned with other ingredients like sesame oil, garlic oil (mayu), and sometimes a pinch of white pepper or chili oil for extra flavor and heat.

Shoyu ramen is celebrated for its well-balanced,

savory flavor profile, where the saltiness of the soy sauce-based broth complements the richness of the pork or chicken, and the variety of toppings and seasonings add depth and complexity to each spoonful. It's a classic and comforting choice for ramen enthusiasts and remains a popular staple in Japanese cuisine.

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